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Community Healthcare Cooperative from Community Healthcare Cooperative

What to consider and what to do!

For employers the decision is both simple and complex. Do I offer healthcare insurance or not? If I offer healthcare insurance how much will it cost me and my company? Am I willing and able to give my employees a subsidy? And finally, how do I do it?

Why not give your employees more choices? Add a Community Healthcare Cooperative along with your Group plan. Let your employees decide which plan they want.

Each Employee has A Different Healthcare Need

How to Compare Community Healthcare Cooperative

First, you should think of your employees as individuals and families. Each employee has different needs and money to spend on healthcare. A 25 year-old single person has different needs than a family with dependants. Your company's Healthcare Plan should be flexible enough to meet all your employees' needs. Not just a few employees. When you take an objective look at the plan you now have or are considering, how personalized is it? How many employees can afford to purchase it and later use it?

Next, you should decide how much you can and are willing to subsidize your employee's Healthcare Plan's cost. How much will your employee have to pay? Is the monthly cost affordable for both of you? Can your employee pay the plan's deductible and out-of-pocket costs?

Find the Right Healthcare Solution for Each Employee

What you need to know about Community Healthcare Cooperative

Look at your options. Where can you get the "best bang for the buck"? This is where we come in. If you have not already done so, complete and send to us your Request for Quote (RFQ). This will start the financial analysis and comparison process.

Design your plan's coverages and benefits. What is important to you and your employees. What is really needed and what should be optional? In our opinion, it is more important to keep your employees from having a financial catastrophe as compared to a once a year wellness exam. With a CHC you can have both!

Once, we complete our research we will send you a detailed Implementation Plan. We'll then meet to refine your Community Healthcare Cooperative. With your acceptance, we'll start managing your Healthcare Program for you. Then, you can go back to running your business!

Your Next Step

To see how we can lower the cost of your company’s healthcare employee benefits program, select "Request a Proposal". Once we receive your information we'll prepare a quote and proposal for your review.

To learn more, select the “Quick Navigation” button for Community Healthcare Cooperative or the FAQs. To set up a meeting select "Contact HomePort". Thanks for your response.