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Who We are

Community Healthcare Cooperative is a financial management company specializing in the Healthcare Marketplace.

Our Mission

Provide our clients with the most affordable methods for acquiring and paying for their healthcare program.

Our Clients

Primary: Individuals, Families and Employers.
Other: Medical Providers, Business Organizations and Communities.

Our Healthcare Cooperative

We offer two types of Healthcare Cooperative; Traditional Federal ACA plans and Community Healthcare Cooperative (CHCs). CHCs present a new approach for managing and paying your medical bills.

Community Healthcare Cooperative

Community Healthcare Cooperative from Community Healthcare Cooperative

Background: HomePort International was formed in 2004 to change the mortgage industry. The innovative force behind HomePort is Mr. John Pembroke. Together with a team of experienced mortgage executives, they revolutionized how consumers searched for and acquired mortgages. Having lenders "bid the consumer" (Lending Tree) fundamentally changed the mortgage industry.

Objective 1: Community Healthcare Cooperative was formed in March of 2005 to change the healthcare industry. HomePort's first objective was to significantly reduce an insurance plan's deductible and co-insurance costs. Collectively, these costs are called the plan's Max Out-of-Pocket. The inability to pay the Max Out-of-Pocket cost is the key factor causing medical bankruptcies.

Solution: HomePort achieved this objective by using a financial planning tool called "Stop-Loss Insurance". The result, the consumer's Max Out-of-Pocket cost is reduced to only $1,000. In addition, the need for co-insurance was also totally eliminated.

Objective 2: HomePort's next objective was to reduce the insurance plan's monthly cost. In 2010 the Affordable Care Act became law. Stated bluntly, ACA insurance is not affordable for most of our citizens. Monthly prices are beyond what most consumers can afford. Even worse, the Max Out-of-Pocket cost is usually over $6,000 for an individual and twice this amount for a family. Further, if you want to buy an ACA plan, you cannot for 10 months of the year.

A healthcare plan that is unaffordable and you can't buy when you want to is no healthcare plan at all!

Solution: HomePort offers an alternative healthcare plan called a Community Healthcare Cooperative (CHC). CHCs are about 50% less expensive than any federal ACA plan. CHCs have lower deductibles, $1,000, and no Co-Insurance.

In addition, HomePort has a patented financing program that can further lower your healthcare plan's cost by about 70%. Call for Details.