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Resetting the Clock on Healthcare

To understand the basis for the HomePort healthcare solution, we need to look back to the time when people and communities took care of each other. Every healthcare issue was taken care of between the patient and the doctor. Even when the patient could not afford to be treated, deals were made and bartering was common. Often, no money exchanged hands and a trade was made. Medical treatment traded for farm produce!

Many times the community or church stepped in to help struggling families with their healthcare needs. In the old days, we had a self-sustainable healthcare system. Today we don't.

People helping people stopped when insurance companies stepped in between the doctor and the patient. Insurance companies took over the healthcare marketplace. Profits became more important than medical treatments. Federal and state governments mandated what you could buy and when.

Today, consumers pay more for less. We have now reached a point where any insurance plan is too expensive to buy and too expensive to use.

So, let's Reset the Clock. Take the government and insurance companies out of our healthcare program. Let's go back to people and communities helping one another. It worked then. It'll work again today.

Our Team of Medical and Financial Professionals

Community Healthcare Cooperative, LLC: Community Healthcare Cooperative, LLC (HomePort) is a financial management company who has the exclusive marketing rights to CHCs. HomePort also provides customer support services for Community Health Partners USA, LLC and CHC Members.

Community Health Partners USA, LLC: Community Health Partners USA, LLC (CHC-USA) was formed by Community Healthcare Cooperative and other business executives to manage CHCs, the Community Healthcare Pool and the Community Healthcare Savings Accounts (CHSAs).

Medical Providers: Doctors, Urgent Care facilities, hospitals and other Medical Providers that provide the medical services for CHC Members.

Medical Servicers: Companies who provide support for the Medical Providers. Examples would be medical laboratories, medical testing facilities and ambulance services.

Stop-Loss Insurance Providers: These are insurance companies who regularly provide Stop-Loss, Re-insurance and medical cash reimbursements.

Medical Financing Providers: Mortgage lenders and other finance companies who provide residential real estate loans.