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Organization Healthcare Plan

Individual Affordable Healthcare Services from HomePort
Affordable Healthcare Services from HomePort

A Business Proposition with a New Income Source

Most Organizations are formed to provide services to the Organization's members. The Chamber of Commerce promotes business. The United Auto Workers is a union supporting workers. Regardless of the type of Organization, two facts are clear. Affordable healthcare is a prime subject and money raising is an on-going activity.

HomePort has a business model for Organizations that meets both of these objectives. We call it our "Business Affiliates Program".

Affordable Healthcare Services from HomePort

Business Affiliate Program

Affordable Healthcare Services from HomePort

An Affordable Healthcare Plan

Every employee of every company has a healthcare insurance cost problem. Traditional Group insurance is unaffordable. Both monthly and again when the employee has to pay the plan's deductible and co-insurance costs.

Your members need another option. An affordable option! We have it!

What we'll do for you

We are proposing you help us make your members aware of the HomePort healthcare program. For your help, we'll compensate you 10% of each employee's healthcare plan's monthly payment. You will receive this compensation each month as long as your Organization’s member and the member’s employee remain a CHP client. As an added benefit, you'll get your members' "Thank You" for helping save them money on their company's healthcare benefits program.

Affordable Healthcare Services from HomePort

What we'll do for your members and the member's employees

Some of the benefits and comparisons of our Healthcare Program:

  • Price: About 50% less than Group plans.
  • Deductibles: From $250 to $2,000. Compare to a Group's $1,000 to $6,000.
  • Flexibility: Our plans are personalized for each employee and the employee's family. Group plans are not!
  • Choice: Coverages and benefits include any conceivable medical treatment. Group plans have many exclusions.
  • Portability: The employee can take their plan with them. No loss of coverage or need for COBRA. Not so with Group plans.
  • A Community "HSA-Style" Account: From each monthly payment about 50% goes to a Community Healthcare Pool to be used for the payment of the employee's medical costs. Nothing like this with a Group plan.
  • A Community of Member Companies: The more companies that participate, the lower the price for all members and the member's employees.
Affordable Healthcare Services from HomePort

Additional Information

For more information, please see the employer and family sections (Learn More) of this website or request a financial proforma by clicking (Request a Proposal). Simply answer a few questions and we’ll be back to you shortly with a Proposal