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A member benefits Program for your organization

Individual Affordable Healthcare Services from HomePort

A Business Proposition for Your Organization

Most Organizations are formed to provide services for the Organization's members. The Chamber of Commerce promotes business. The United Auto Workers is a union supporting workers. Regardless of the type of Organization, two facts are clear. Affordable healthcare is a prime subject and raising money is an on-going activity.

We have a business model for Organizations that meets both of these objectives.

We call it our "Business Affiliates Program".

Affordable Healthcare Services from HomePort

Offer An Affordable Healthcare Plan to Your Members

Both your corporate and individual members need a more affordable Healthcare option. So, offer it! Your members look to you to find, negotiate and deliver programs that benefit them.

An affordable Healthcare should be at the top of your list.

You are already offering a Healthcare Plan: - If so, likely it is a Group plan. The majority of employers use Group insurance for an employee healthcare plan. What you may not know is that Group insurance plans are really federal Affordable Care Act (ACA) plans with expensive brokerage and risk fees added. This means these plans are expensive for both your members and their employees. Also, Group plan are not flexible. Which means they cannot be personalized for your members.

Offer an additional Healthcare Plan: - Offer a Community Healthcare Cooperative (CHC). CHCs are not well known, however, church and fellowship organizations have offered CHCs to their members for years. Now, CHCs are available to all types of businesses in a business-like environment.

Here are some of the CHC benefits and comparisons:

  • Price: About 50% less than Group plans.
  • Deductibles: From $500 to $2,000. Compare to a Group Plan of $6,000 to $8,000.
  • Flexibility: CHCs are personalized for each employee and the employee's family. Group plans are not.
  • Choice: Coverages and benefits include most any conceivable medical treatment. Group plans have many exclusions.
  • Family-Friendly: CHCs can include the employee's family at the same affordable cost. Adding family members to a Group plan may not be available or is too costly.
  • Affiliate-Friendly: CHCs can include part-time employees, 1099 affiliates and even volunteers.
  • Portability: The employee can take their CHC plan with them with no loss of coverage or need for COBRA. Not so with Group plans.
  • A Community "HSA-Style" Account: About 50% of the employee's monthly CHC Membership Fee is returned to the employee. Called a “Contribution”, this money is deposited into a Community Healthcare Pool. The Pool to be is used to pay the employee's medical costs. Nothing like this with a Group plan.
  • Subsidy is Optional: Because CHCs are so affordable, in most cases your members will not need to subsidize their employee's Healthcare Plan to make their plan affordable.
Affordable Healthcare Services from HomePort

Receive On-Going Compensation

We are proposing you help us make your Organization members aware of the HomePort Healthcare Program. For your help, we'll provide you with a monthly, on-going compensation for all members and the member's employees and affiliates.

As an added benefit, you'll probably receive a "Thank You!" from your members for helping them save money on their healthcare benefits program!

What to consider.. What to do!

Why not give your members more choices? Add a Community Healthcare Cooperative to your Organization's offerings. Let your members decide which healthcare plan they want to offer to their employees. Or they can offer both. In either case you win and can receive a new income stream for your Organization. To find out how much, Request a Proposal.

Think About It!

Next Step

To request a proposal, click on "Request a Proposal" and then answer a few questions. We will then prepare a revenue projection and proposal for your review. To learn more, select the CHC button or the FAQs. To learn more, select the "Quick Navigation" button for Community Healthcare Cooperative or the FAQs. To set up a meeting select "Contact HomePort". Thanks for your response.