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Individual Affordable Healthcare Services from HomePort
Affordable Healthcare Services from HomePort

Facing Healthcare Reality

Affordable Healthcare Services from HomePort

If you are young, you may be paying off student loans with a job that pays less today than what you will earn later. For most people like you, healthcare insurance takes too much of your budget. You pay your rent first, food next, and if there is anything left, you go to a movie. You think you are invincible and don't need insurance. So, you don't buy it.

Then you have a skiing accident and you're faced with a hefty medical bill. Now what? Should you ask your folks to pay? Ignore the bill and be sued? Possibly file for bankruptcy? None are good choices.

With HomePort, you can have a healthcare plan for as low as $48 each payday. Think about it.
This is not just a good choice. It's a must choice!

If you are older, you probably have settled into a stable income and may have a mortgage. You looked into healthcare insurance, got a quote and may have even read the insurance plan's policy. You could pay the monthly premium if you had to, but the deductible was another story. The plan says you must first pay a $7,000 deductible before the insurance pays any of your medical costs. Together with your monthly premiums, your annual cost could be over $11,000. That is when you said "NO"!

With HomePort, you can have a very affordable healthcare plan. A plan that is about 50% less than an ACA federal plan with a deductible of only $1,000. Think about it. Don't go uninsured and risk your life savings.

Affordable Healthcare Services from HomePort

The Healthcare Marketplace Has Failed You!

Affordable Healthcare Services from HomePort

Over the last decade, healthcare has become a big problem for individuals, families and companies. It is now apparent that both our state and federal governments are not able to take care of us. With the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA), health insurance is not affordable. "Healthy" plans are being eliminated.

Today, even if you are healthy and want insurance, you can't buy it outside "Open-Enrollment". Unless you qualify for a "Special Enrollment Period", Medicaid, or Medicare it is very difficult to get a healthcare plan to cover you and your family.

We need a solution and fortunately, HomePort Healthcare Services has the Solution!

Affordable Healthcare Services from HomePort

Community Healthcare Solution

Affordable Healthcare Services from HomePort

Called a Community Health Plan (CHP), people, employers and communities band together to provide a self-dependent medical system.

Community Health Plans have been offered for years by church and fellowship organizations. We took their healthcare model and added significant benefits, coverages, financial and management controls. Our CHP approach results in a much more affordable healthcare plan for everyone.

Instead of paying an insurance company, individuals, families and employers "Contribute" to a Community Healthcare Pool (Pool). When a "Member" has a medical bill, the Pool advances the payment.

CHP also negotiates the medical treatment cost with the medical provider and payment terms. CHP is your "Healthcare Advocate and Financial Manager".

CHP is the Self-Dependent Healthcare Solution we all want.

Affordable Healthcare Services from HomePort

Community Healthcare Plan Benefits

Affordable Healthcare Services from HomePort
  • Use any doctor you want.
  • Medications at greatly reduced prices.
  • Dental & Vision coverage can be included.
  • Plans start as low as $100.
  • Deductibles range from $250 to $2,000
  • Reduce your monthly contribution by sponsoring other members.
  • We negotiate your medical bills and payment terms for you.
  • No Qualifying and pre-existing conditions are OK.
Affordable Healthcare Services from HomePort

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