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Getting Affordable Healthcare for Your Company

Individual Community Healthcare Cooperative from Community Healthcare Cooperative

Your Need for an Employee Healthcare Program

Community Healthcare Cooperative from Community Healthcare Cooperative

There are two main reasons for offering your employees a healthcare program: recruiting and retention of good employees.

Historically, to meet these objectives, you've only had two options: Either offer "Group" insurance or Self-Insure. Both have major drawbacks.

Today, HomePort is offering you a third option: A Community Healthcare Cooperative!

Community Healthcare Cooperative from Community Healthcare Cooperative

Group Insurance

The majority of employers use Group insurance to offer an employee healthcare plan. What you may not know is that Group insurance plans are actually federal Affordable Care Act (ACA) insurance plans with brokerage and risk fees added. What you probably already know is only a few of your employees "Opt-In" for your Group plan. Why? The Cost! So, you may try to help by subsidizing the plan's cost.

A few employees may sign-up, but what about the rest? How can you help them? If even a few of your employees "Opt-In", are you really offering them the right healthcare benefit program? Can these employees afford to pay a deductible cost of $6,000 or more when they need to use their insurance? Likely not! What do you tell them? What do you do?


This option has been used by large companies. This option can also be financial suicide. The company becomes the insurance company for its employees. Management believes that by purchasing "Re-Insurance", the company's financial risk is mitigated. Usually, it doesn't. We have seen companies become responsible for over a million dollars of on-going medical cost liability when just a few employees developed major medical issues.

Why would you assume such a risk when you have other options?

HomePort is now offering you another choice with better options!

Community Healthcare Cooperative from Community Healthcare Cooperative

Community Healthcare Cooperative

CHCs may not be well known, however, church and fellowship organizations have offered CHCs to their members for years. Now, CHCs are available to your company and employees in a business environment.

Here are some of the CHC benefits and comparisons:

  • Price: About 50% less than Group plans.
  • Deductibles: From $500 to $2,000. Compare to a Group Plan of $6,000 to $8,000 or more.
  • Flexibility: CHCs are personalized for each employee and the employee's family. Group plans are not.
  • Choice: CHCs can include coverages and benefits for almost any conceivable medical treatment Group plans have many exclusions.
  • Family-Friendly: CHCs can include the employee's family at the same affordable cost. Adding family members to a Group plan may not be available or too costly.
  • Affiliate-Friendly: CHCs can include part-time employees, 1099 affiliates and even volunteers. Group plans can only include full or part-time employees.
  • Portability: The employee can take their CHC with them with no loss of coverage or need for COBRA. Not so with Group plans.
  • A Community "HSA-Style" Account: About 50% of your employee's monthly CHC Membership Fee is returned to your employee. Called a "CHC Contribution", this money is deposited into the employee’s Community Healthcare Savings Account (CHSA). The employee’s CHSA is used to pay their medical bills. Nothing like this with a Group plan.
  • Subsidy is Optional: Because CHCs are so affordable, in most cases employers may not need to subsidize their employee's contribution to make their Healthcare Plan affordable.