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Individual Affordable Healthcare Services from HomePort
Affordable Healthcare Services from HomePort

Affordable Healthcare Program for You and Your Employees

Affordable Healthcare Services from HomePort

There are two main reasons for offering your employees a healthcare program, the recruiting and retention of good employees.

To meet these objectives, historically you've only had two options: Self-insure or offer "Group" insurance. Both having major drawbacks.

Today, HomePort is offering you a third option: A Community Health Plan!

Affordable Healthcare Services from HomePort

Your Healthcare Options:


Affordable Healthcare Services from HomePort

Your company becomes an insurance company and you take on all the cost and management of a business you really don't know or understand. You also risk spending a lot of money to pay your employees’ medical bills.

Consider what would happen if one of your employees develops a medical condition that costs $1,000,000 a year.

What is your financial exposure? How much are you paying to be a "Self-insuring” company?

Group Insurance

Affordable Healthcare Services from HomePort

What you may not know is that Group insurance plans are really the federal Affordability Care Act (ACA) insurance plans on cost steroids. The same plans plus the adding of brokerage and risk fees. What you probably already know is only a few of your employees "Opt-In" for your plan. Why? The Cost! So, you try to help by subsidizing the plan's cost.

A few employees may sign-up, but what about the rest? How can you help them? If most of your employees "Opt-Out", are you really offering them the right healthcare benefit program?

HomePort is now offering you another choice with better options!

Community Healthcare Plan

Affordable Healthcare Services from HomePort

CHPs are not well known, however, church and fellowship organizations have offered CHP plans to their members for years. Now, a CHP plan is available to your company and employees.

Here are some of the benefits and comparisons:

  • Price: About 50% less than Group plans.
  • Deductibles: From $250 to $2,000. Compare to a Group Plan of $1,000 to $6,000.
  • Flexibility: CHP plans are personalized for each employee and the employee's family. Group plans are not.
  • Choice: Coverages and benefits include most any conceivable medical treatment. Group plans have many exclusions.
  • Portability: The employee can take their plan with them with no loss of coverage or need for COBRA. Not so with Group plans.
  • A Community "HSA-Style" Account: About 50% of your monthly contribution goes to a Community Healthcare Pool to be used to pay your employee’s medical costs. Nothing like this with a Group plan.
Affordable Healthcare Services from HomePort

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