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A Healthcare Subsidy Program for Communities

Individual Community Healthcare Cooperative from Community Healthcare Cooperative

Your Community's Healthcare Issues

Community Healthcare Cooperative from Community Healthcare Cooperative

Over the past decade, healthcare has become a major problem. Your citizens are struggling to pay ever-increasing costs for both healthcare insurance and medical treatments. Many of your citizens are forced to go without healthcare services.

Employers often can't afford to offer their employees a healthcare program. Group insurance plans cost 5% to 15% more than non-group, individual ACA plans. Additionally, new employers may not come to or remain in your community without cost effective healthcare insurance and medical services.

Healthcare insurance is no longer affordable for many families and employers. Likely, there is only one insurance option: An unaffordable federal ACA plan.

Compounding the problem, doctors and other medical providers are leaving communities, while new doctors and other medical providers are not replacing them. Reason: they can't make the numbers work!

The future of Medicaid and other State and Federal Programs are in doubt. Just listen to the healthcare dialog in Washington. Local healthcare problems will not be solved at a federal level.

It has become very apparent that neither our state nor federal governments are able to take care of the problem any time soon.

We believe communities should take charge of their own healthcare needs and become more self-reliant and We have the solution.

Our Solution - A Community Healthcare Cooperative (CHC)

Community Healthcare Cooperative from Community Healthcare Cooperative

The underlying problem with our healthcare system today is money. It has become too expensive to afford health insurance, and there is too little money being returned to the medical providers.

HomePort is offering a plan that addresses both problems. Our solution takes a little known, revolutionary approach, which will allow your community to become more self-reliant. Rather than counting on insurance companies or the state or federal government to provide a solution, your community should take charge.

Our solution focuses on two objectives. First, generate the capital necessary to keep your current medical providers and to attract new ones to your community. Second, implement an affordable, community-wide Community Healthcare Cooperative for all of your citizens.

Our plan redirects how healthcare and medical services are paid by individuals, families and employers. Our methods produce a pool of capital that can be used to fund a Community-wide Healthcare Plan with subsidizes for medical providers.

With our plan, capital also becomes available to help subsidize citizens with lower incomes, and pays fair compensation to doctors and other medical providers.

Changing the Healthcare Money Path

To increase the money available to your community, the Healthcare Money Path must be changed. Except for certain governmental programs, such as Medicaid, the Healthcare Money Path always starts with the consumer. Either, the consumer pays a monthly premium to an insurance company or is self-pay.
This where we start.

Step 1 - Create a Community Healthcare Capital Pool:

  • Your citizen "Members" redirect their insurance payments to a Community Healthcare Pool ("Pool").
  • About 50% of their monthly payment goes into their personal Community Healthcare Savings Account (CHSA). The CHSA is similar to a federal HSA without restrictive federal limitations and conditions.
  • Medical bills are paid first from the Member's CHSA and then from the Pool's capital.
  • The Pool is held in banks and credit unions. The Pool is managed by financial professionals.

Step 2 - Manage Medical Costs and Billings:

  • Establish pre-defined medical treatment costs with participating Medical Providers. Have these costs disclosed, up-front to the Members. This allows the Member to "shop" rates and services.
  • Provide a "LendingTree" type model where the Member can ask for "Quotes" on medical procedures.
  • Have each medical bill checked for billing accuracy. If necessary, negotiate the charges and establish payment terms.
  • Report to the Member and get approval. Pay the Medical Providers from the Pool.

Step 3 - Provide Medical Financing to Members:

  • Each Member receives a no-cost, no-interest, Line of Credit (LOC). The Member's credit rating is not used to grant the LOC.
  • The LOC is backed by; (a) the Pools capital and (b) Stop-Loss insurance and re-insurance policies.
  • The LOC plus the Member's CHSA equals the Member's available funds to pay medical bills.
  • Additional Medical Financing can be secured using a residential home mortgage or Home Equity Loan.
  • Note, HomePort holds a U.S. patent on this type of Medical Financing. HomePort Residential Medical Financing.

Next Step

To learn more and to request a proposal, click on "Request a Proposal" and then answer a few questions. We will then prepare a revenue projection and proposal for your review.

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