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Community Healthcare Plan Overview

Individual Affordable Healthcare Services from HomePort
Affordable Healthcare Services from HomePort

Your Community's Healthcare Issues

Affordable Healthcare Services from HomePort

Over the past decade, healthcare has become a major problem for communities. Your citizens are struggling to pay an ever-increasing cost for healthcare insurance and medical treatments. Many of your citizens just go without.

Compounding the problem, medical providers and insurance companies are leaving, while new doctors and other medical providers are not coming. There is one reason for both situations: They can’t make the numbers work!

A new approach must be considered.

Affordable Healthcare Services from HomePort

Your Citizens and Employers Issues

Affordable Healthcare Services from HomePort

Healthcare insurance is no longer affordable for many families and employers. Likely, there may be only one insurance option; an unaffordable federal ACA plan. There are no other insurance available.

Employers often can't afford to offer employees a healthcare program. Group insurance plans cost 5% to 15% more than the individual, unaffordable, ACA plans. Additionally, new employers may not come to or remain in your community without cost effective healthcare insurance and medical services.

The future of Medicaid and other State and Federal Programs are in doubt. Just listen to the healthcare dialog in Washington. Local healthcare problems will not be solved at a federal level.

It has become very apparent that neither our state (and)or federal governments are able or willing to take care of the problem. We believe communities like yours need to take charge and become self-reliant!

Affordable Healthcare Services from HomePort

The Solution - An Affordable Healthcare Plan for Your Community

Affordable Healthcare Services from HomePort

The basic problem is money. It has become too expensive to purchase healthcare insurance and not enough money to provide medical services!

HomePort is offering a plan that solves both problems. A plan for your community to become self-reliant. Our plan is, and must be, revolutionary because traditional approaches are just not working.

HomePort’s proposal is focused on two objectives. First, helping you generate the capital necessary to attract new, and keep your existing doctors and medical providers serving your community. Tied with this objective is implementing an affordable, community-wide healthcare plan for all your citizens.

Our proposal redirects how healthcare is paid by individuals, families and employers. Our method produces a pool of capital that can be used to fund and subsidize a Community-wide healthcare plan.

Capital also becomes available to subsidize low-income citizens and to pay fair compensation to doctors and other medical providers.

Give us your attention and we'll return a financial plan for you to consider.

Affordable Healthcare Services from HomePort

Getting Started

For more information, please read the employer and family sections in this website (Learn More) Then, take a few minutes to answer some questions (Request a Proposal). Once we receive your response we'll prepare a revenue projection and proposal for your review!