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How CHC Manages Your Medical Event

The following is an example used to explain how CHC operates when you have a Medical Event.

Your Community Healthcare Cooperative

A Medical Event Occurs: You have a major accident while skiing. You receive treatment and your medical bills are $20,000.

Your Concierge Services: You register your Medical Event with HomePort. First, your HomePort Concierge helps you locate initial and follow-up medical services. Your HomePort Concierge contacts the Medical Providers to review then negotiate your medical bills and payment terms. In this example, your medical bills are reduced from $20,000 to $15,000. A payment plan is also established. The medical providers will be paid by CHC-USA $1,000 per month for 15 months.
The HomePort Concierge negotiations saves you $5,000 and gives you and CHC-USA time to pay your medical bills.

Your CHSA Account Balance: You have been making your $200 CHC Membership Fee for 12 months before your accident. For the same 12 months, CHC-USA has been depositing $100 into your Community Healthcare Savings Account (CHSA). Your CHSA Account Balance is $1,200 ($100 X 12). You pay your $1,000 CHC Deductible to your CHSA. Your CHSA Account Balance is now $2,200.

Additional CHSA Credits: You have a $10,000 CHC Line of Credit (CHC LOC). Your CHC LOC supplements your CHSA giving you $12,200 to pay your medical bills.

Paying Your Bills: Each month CHC-USA pays the Medical Providers the agreed upon $1,000. Your monthly, $100 CHC Contribution is first used then CHC advances $900 from your CHSA. This process continues until your CHSA Account Balance reaches $0 in about month 3. You have 12 payments remaining before the medical providers are fully paid.

Accessing Your CHC LOC: CHC-USA now starts advancing the $900 from your CHC LOC. (Remember $100 is continuing to be received from your monthly CHC Contribution). Your CHC LOC will reach $0 in about 11 months. You have 4 payments remaining before the medical providers are fully paid. During this 7 months, your $100 CHSA Contribution continues; $400. Each month there is a $900 short-fall. Over the remaining 4 months your short-fall totals $3,600. Your Medical Bills are fully Paid. Now you have to make a decision.

CHC Member Stop-Loss Insurance: If you purchased Stop-Loss insurance, your Stop-Loss policy will pay-off your CHC LOC cash advances.
If not, you either pay-off the balance, use Benevolent Contributions or Medical Financing.

Pay-off the Balance: Use your funds to pay-off the $3,600. Increase your monthly CHC Contribution until your negative CHSA Account Balance is repaid.

Requesting Benevolent Contributions from Other CHC Members: With your approval, CHC-USA will solicit other CHC Members to help you pay the remaining $3,600. Assuming success, $3,600 is received and is used to pay-off your negative CHSA Account Balance.

Requesting Medical Financing: You also have the option to request and receive Medical Financing to pay-off the $3,600.

Call for details and qualifying requirements.