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Let's face it, healthcare is confusing. You have questions. That's understandable and it is also good, because that means you are taking your healthcare seriously.

Starting below are the questions we are frequently asked. Simply select the question and you will see our answer. If you have any question that is not answered here, please send us your question by using our contact form below.

Community Healthcare Plan Question

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1 Can my Organization receive income from offering the CHP plan to our member organizations?

Answer: Yes! We have a liberal compensation plan for Organizations that assist us in making CHP available to its member organizations. No licensing is required. We'll describe your compensation plan when you request a proposal and we respond.

2 Based on your experience, what is the cost comparison of CHP with a typical "Group" plan?

Answer: About a 50% savings for the monthly payments and an 80% savings for deductible and co-insurance costs.

3 With CHP, must an employer offer or pay a subsidy?

Answer: No. An employer is not required to subsidize the employee's healthcare program. With CHP an employer can offer employees, part-timers, volunteers and other affiliates an affordable healthcare with no cost to the employer.

4 Can I offer CHPs along with other Community Healthcare Plans?

Answer: Yes! CHP gives your members and your member's employees another option. Your members can then choose which option is best for them.

5 Can I offer CHP to non-full time employees?

Answer: Yes! 1099 contract employees, part-time employees and volunteers are all eligible.

6 Do my members and my member's employees lose coverage if they leave the Organization?

Answer: No. CHP is completely portable and therefore, there is no need for COBRA. The employee would lose any subsidy, but not their policy or their Pool Credits.

7 Is there an "Open-Enrollment" requirement?

Answer: No. Members, employees and other member affiliates can "Opt-In" or "Opt-Out" at any time.

8 Can my members and my member's employees get the benefit of an HSA with a CHP Plan?

Answer: CHP is not a qualified plan to allow setting-up an HSA with a bank. However, we can do one better. Your members can get the tax benefit like an HSA there is no deposit cap or medical limitations as with an HSA. Call for details.

9 Can my members and my member's employees use any doctor?

Answer: Yes. There are no "In-Network" or "Out of Network" limitations.

10 Can CHP be used with a Group plan to lower my employees' deductible and other Out-of-Pocket costs?

Answer: Yes. CHP can be used for doctor visits, dental and vision, and many other medical services not covered by any "Group" plan. The most important reason for adding CHP to a Group plan is to lower your member employees' deductible and out-of-pocket costs. For example, if a Group plan has a $7,000 Max Out-of-Pocket, your member's employee would want to purchase a CHP plan with a $1,000 deductible. When they have a Medical Event, they would pay the $1,000 CHP deductible and CHP would advance $6,000 to pay the Group plan's deductible cost. CHP could save your member's employee from having a major financial crisis!

11 Will CHP take employees with pre-existing conditions?

Answer: Usually Yes. Each case will be considered individually. If the employee does not qualify or choose CHP, they can select an ACA or Group plan offered by HomePort.

12 Do CHPs qualify so the ACA Penalty Tax would not apply?

Answer: Under ERISA, CHPs are considered Employee Welfare Benefits Programs. As such, any CHP plan should be exempt from the tax. The current administration appears to be doing away with such mandates and taxes.

13 Why are the CHPs so much less expensive than any Group plan?

Answer: CHP does not incur the costs or legal requirements insurance companies incur. Not to mention the staffing, expensive salaries and profits of insurance companies.

14 If I'm interested, what's my next step?

Answer: Let's have a meeting. Then we can design a proposal for you and an implementation plan for your Organization.

You can request a meeting through our contact form here: Contact Us