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Frequently Asked Questions

Community Healthcare Cooperative from Community Healthcare Cooperative

You have Questions. We have Answers.

Let's face it, healthcare is confusing. You have questions. That's understandable and it is also good, because that means you are taking your healthcare seriously.

Starting below are the questions we are frequently asked. Simply select the question and you will see our answer. If you have any question that is not answered here, please send us your question by using our contact form below.

Medical Provider Questions

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1 What type of medical providers can join the Medical Providers Affiliate Program?

Answer: Practically any medical provider who takes insurance or self-pay clients can join MPAP. Physicians are the most likely to enjoy the MPAP benefits. Dentists also. Chiropractors can also benefit with MPAP.

2 What are my MPAP benefits?

Answer: First, we'll pay you a monthly, on-going subsidy for providing medical services to your patients who are also our clients. Second, we'll implement a "New Patient Sourcing" program that introduces your practice to our clients. Third, we guarantee your payment for medical services you provide our clients.

Patient retention is also important to you. By telling your existing patients you are interested in both their medical as well as their financial well-being shows you care for your patients. A Medical Provider who cares about their patients beyond just providing medical services builds good patient relationships.

3 Must I change my business practice to use MPAP?

Answer: No. MPAP can be used in conjunction with any medical practice. For example, a physician may have patients with insurance or have a "Concierge" type practice. Either business model is compatible with MPAP.

4 How does HomePort proceed after I join MPAP?

Answer: We'll design our joint "Healthcare Awareness" program. Once approved by you, we'll start contacting your patients. We'll tell your patients you are sponsoring a program to help them lower their healthcare costs. We'll offer to do a no-cost, no-obligation "Health Insurance Review". We'll produce a personalized quote and proposal for your patient. If the patient wants to proceed, we'll do the paperwork to sign-up the patient.

You are not required to contact or follow up with your patients. We will do that for you. We only need your endorsement for the "Healthcare Awareness" program

5 I don't want my patients thinking I'm selling their contact information

Answer: All marketing materials are approved by you before use. The marketing material states that you entered into a relationship with HomePort to help lower your patient's healthcare costs by offering affordable Community Healthcare Cooperative options.

Ask us for samples of the marketing material we have successfully used with other medical providers.

6 What is HomePort offering its clients

Answer: First, our VIP Dr program objective is to provide our clients with an easy and affordable Medical Provider office visit experience. VIP Dr is for all types of Medical Providers; Primary Care Physicians (PCPs), Dentists, Eye, all types of specialists and alternative medical services.

Our client selects the number of office visits they want over the year. They also tell us who they want to have as their Medical Provider. When our client wants to schedule an office visit they do so directly with their registered Medical Provider.

The Medical Provider agrees to charge our client a non-insurance, cash discount for the medical services. The Medical Provider can either; (a) collect full payment at time of service or (b) collect a $50 co-pay and send the bill to us for payment. Payment for labs and other non-PCP services are the responsibility of the patient.

5 I'm concerned about HIPAA

Answer: You will not divulge any HIPAA related information to us. Only the patient's contact information. We only use medical information disclosed to us by the patient in order to provide them with a quote.

8 How do we move forward?

Answer: First, if you have not sent us your practice profile, please do so. When your information is received we'll prepare a proposal. If you have received our proposal we'll meet to finalize your implementation plan for your practice.

To request a proposal, go back one screen and select "Request a Proposal". To request a meeting, select "Contact Us". We look forward to meeting with you!