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VIP Dr Membership Program: A Non-Insurance Alternative

Your Personal Healthcare Advocate

The Issue: Your doctor is likely not available to you with your insurance plan. Only a few major medical plans now include co-pay office visits. And these plans are very expensive.

With VIP Dr: You can use your own doctor or select another doctor. You choose your doctor. Not the insurance company.

You can subscribe to as many office visits you want. All have an affordable co-pays and discounts on physician services.

You don't need an insurance plan!

Community Healthcare Plan from HomePort Healthcare Services

How the VIP Dr Program Works

Choosing Healthcare Coverages and Benefits

First, you register your Primary Care Physician with us. We will contact your doctor and explain the VIP Dr program and negotiate prices.

Next, whenever you want to go to the doctor just go. Show your ID card. Pay the office visit co-pay and receive treatment.

Afterwards, depending on your doctor, either (a) your visit will be been paid by us or (b) if you pay at time of service, send us a copy of the billing statement and we will process your VIP Dr reimburse.
It's just that simple!

Note, this program is only for the physician services. Medications, blood draws and tests, are an additional charge you may have to pay to your doctor or a third party.

Community Healthcare Plan from HomePort Healthcare Services

VIP Rx Medication Program: A Non-Insurance Alternative

Choosing Healthcare Coverages and Benefits

The Issue: Most major medical plans do not include prescription medications until you pay the plan's deductible.
Another lost coverage with traditional insurance!

The Solution: With your VIP Rx Medication Program, you can purchase all your medications at a significant discount from your neighborhood pharmacy, via the Internet or by mail

No qualifying! No application! No additional cost! It's just that simple.

60,000 Pharmacies Nationwide + On-Line and Fast Mail Order.

Community Healthcare Plan from HomePort Healthcare Services

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