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Doctor Visits & Prescription Medicine

How to Choose an Affordable Individual Community Healthcare Cooperative

VIP Dr Membership Program

Your Personal Healthcare Advocate

The Problem with insurance and doctors: First, your doctor is likely not available to you with your insurance plan. Next, only a few major medical plans now include Co-Pay office visits. And these plans are very expensive. Check this out.

CHCs solves these problems: You can use your current doctor or select another doctor. Any doctor, any Medical Provider. You choose where to receive medical treatment and services. Not an insurance company or the government.

You choose as many office visits you want. No limits. All office visits have an affordable $50 Co-Pay. Even specialists. You don't need an insurance plan! Use any doctor you want!

Choosing Healthcare Coverages and Benefits

How the VIP Dr Program Works

First, you register your doctor with us. We will contact your doctor and explain the VIP Dr program and negotiate prices.

Next, go to the doctor Show your ID card, receive treatment and pay the bill.

Afterwards, send us a copy of the treatment statement and your payment receipt. We’ll send you a reimbursement less the $50 Co-Pay.

It's just that simple!

Note, this program is only for the physician services. Medications, blood draws and tests, are an additional charge you may have to pay to your doctor or a third party. These costs can be paid from your CHSA with approval.

VIP Rx Medication Subsidy Program

Choosing Healthcare Coverages and Benefits

The Issue: Most major medical plans do not include prescription medications until you pay the plan's deductible.

The Solution: Purchase your medications where you want. Or use our VIP Rx program. VIP Rx is a discount medication program available through local pharmacies, nationwide at over 60,000 locations, on-line and by mail-order.

No qualifying! No application! No additional cost!

It's just that simple.

Medication Subsidies: Even with insurance or a CHC, your medications may still be very expensive. Ask for a CHC Medication Subsidy. CHC offers Medication Subsidies up to $5,000. Purchase your meds, send us the bill and receive a Medication Subsidy.

A first in the healthcare industry! Call for details.