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How to Lower Your Monthly Healthcare Plan Cost
Community Healthcare Plan from HomePort Healthcare Services

How to Lower Your Monthly Healthcare Plan Cost

Even thought HomePort Healthcare Services offers the lowest cost Community Healthcare Plan in the industry, we want to enable you to make your monthly contributions even more affordable. We will reward you for sponsoring other CHP members and give you more options of earning money with us. Which other healthcare plan company provides you with such an opportunity?

Your Personal Healthcare Advocate

Opportunity 1: Sponsor New CHP Members

As a Community Healthcare Plan Member you can Sponsor others to become CHP Members and there by earn credits and lower your payment.

  • For each new member you Sponsor, we will give you $10.00 each month.
  • You can use your Sponsor Money to lower your CHP contribution OR increase your Pool Credits.
  • There is no limit to the money and credits you can earn.

Start lowering your healthcare Contribution and medical costs.

Become a HomePort Independent Representative

Opportunity 2: Become a HomePort Independent Representative

Have you ever thought that helping people could be so satisfying and financially rewarding?
With HomePort you can have both!

  • We'll train you to present the HomePort methods for getting your clients affordable healthcare. Your clients can be individuals, families, employers and employees.
  • Your Compensation: For each client you sign with HomePort, we'll pay you 10% of the plan's monthly net price (Contribution less additional deposit and direct costs). Month after month, year after year as long as your client remains a CHP Member. No limits.

Call us to begin a new and rewarding career.

Become a HomePort Independent Representative

Opportunity 3: Receive a Tax Deduction on Your Healthcare Contributions

When you purchase your healthcare insurance through a company you can usually deduct the cost as a business expense.

  • If you are self-employed you should have your own company to protect yourself against lawsuits and receive business tax deductions. If so, have your company pay your healthcare costs.
  • If you don't have a business or company, we can set one up for you. Become a HomePort Independent Representative. See Opportunity 2. You could receive significant income and tax deductions. See below.

Call for details. Start earning extra money while helping others get affordable healthcare.

Become a HomePort Independent Representative

Opportunity 4: Finance Your Healthcare Plan's Total Cost

Financing your healthcare plan has many benefits:

  • Your monthly cost can drop by over 70%. A healthcare plan's monthly cost of $500 can be reduced to only $130!
  • Your monthly payment is fixed for 5 years. No yearly price increases!
  • Your deductible, co-insurance and co-pays can also be financed.This means you will have no Out-of-Pocket costs!
  • If you change or lose your job, you don't lose your healthcare insurance!
  • Your loan payment's interest is tax deductible!

HomePort has the exclusive rights to finance healthcare costs with a residential Home Mortgage. You can only get this option at HomePort.
Call for details.

Community Healthcare Plan from HomePort Healthcare Services

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