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Your Family Healthcare Advocate

Your Family Healthcare Advocate

The Issue: To be blunt, you do not have the knowledge, time or temperament to manage your family healthcare plan and medical issues.
With CHP you have a team to handle it for you!

Your VIP Concierge Service: We help remove the hassle, uncertainty and complications when dealing with insurance companies, medical claims, inaccurate billing and general medical questions.

Counseling and Guidance Services: We'll interpret insurance policies and coverages. We'll answer questions concerning medical situations. Our guidance will save you and your family time, money and your sanity. When requested, we will help you communicate with companies, to get your questions answered and issues resolved.

Claims Submissions: We will help you understand how to file a claim to receive the cash reimbursements you are entitled to receive. Many people don't receive insurance payments or refunds because they did not follow the insurance company's policies and deadlines.
We'll help you avoid this mistake.

A real happening: An insured could collect an insurance reimbursement for a medical event. However, the insured failed to properly file her claim. The result, she lost receiving $15,000.
Don't let this happen to you!

Community Healthcare Plan from HomePort Healthcare Services

Third-Party Cash Reimbursements!

Choosing Healthcare Coverages and Benefits

CHP uses a portion of your Contribution to purchase special, stop-loss insurance. Stop-loss insurance pays CHP cash reimbursements when a CHP Member incurs a Medical Event. The cash reimbursements are first applied to your medical bills, then to increase the Pool's Capital Account.

Here's an example: Suppose you have an accident and your medical bills are $20,000. Your CHP Pool Account Balance is $5,000. The CHP Stop-loss insurance policy pays CHP $15,000. Together, the Pool has $20,000 to pay your medical bills.

Best of all, your monthly Contribution did not increase and your medical bills were paid. You avoided a major financial problem!

Community Healthcare Plan from HomePort Healthcare Services

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