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Community Healthcare Cooperative

Individual Community Healthcare Cooperative from Community Healthcare Cooperative

Changing the Very Nature of Health Insurance

What are CHCs? CHCs are an alternative to traditional Group and Affordable Care Act (ACA) insurance. A CHC is a Healthcare Plan that removes the insurance company, and creates a direct link between you and medical providers. CHCs are exempt from costly state and federal insurance regulations. This means, a CHC can be customized by you. You choose your benefits. Not the government or an insurance company.

CHCs are today's answer to more expensive traditional insurance.

Who can purchase a CHC? Just about everyone! Those people who have a costly, long term medical condition should purchase an ACA insurance plan. For everyone else, CHCs are a better choice.

What makes CHCs different? CHCs are not insurance. CHCs are an "Aggregating Self-Funding" Healthcare program. This means, people like you come together to "Pool" their money to pay medical bills. Instead of sending money to an insurance company, CHC Members send their money to a Community Healthcare Pool. Medical bills are paid from the Pool.

When middlemen and the government are eliminated, healthcare becomes more cost effective and efficient.

A person purchasing a CHC is called a "CHC Member". Not an insured. A CHC Member’s monthly payment is called a "Membership Fee". Not an insurance premium. Approximately 50% of the Membership Fee is returned to the CHC Member in the form of a deposit into the CHC Member’s personal Community Healthcare Savings Account (CHSA). This deposit is called a "CHC Contribution". The Pool and CHSA are managed by professional financial managers.

The CHC Member also receives a Line of Credit (LOC). The LOC supplements the CHC Member’s CHSA Account Balance. You can use your CHSA and LOC to pay your medical bills. There is no-cost, no interest charged and no credit approval required to use your LOC.

The HomePort Concierge: When a CHC Member has a Medical Event, a HomePort Concierge helps the CHC Member manage their medical situation. Medical bills are reviewed, negotiated and payment terms arranged. The HomePort Concierge then arranges for payment of the medical bills from the CHC Member’s CHSA and then from their LOC. For medical costs that exceed the CHSA Account Balance and the LOC, the HomePort Concierge can help arrange Medical Financing.

When costs are driven down and shared, healthcare becomes more affordable.